The Curious Case of American Football’s Hand-Play Dilemma

American Football: A Historical Evolution

One of the most common questions asked about American football is why it is called ‘football’ if it predominantly involves players using their hands, rather than their feet. The answer lies in the historical evolution of the sport and its connection to earlier forms of ‘football’ played in Europe. In fact, American football has its roots in early English forms of football, which were known as ‘mob football’ or ‘medieval football.’ These games involved large groups of people attempting to move a ball across a goal line using any means necessary, often with hands or feet.

American football evolves, drawing from rugby

Contrary to what the name suggests, American football is actually called ‘football’ due to its origins in traditional European football games, such as soccer and rugby, which were known as ‘football’ throughout Europe. When American football was first introduced in the late 19th century, it was primarily a variation of rugby and was often played without protective gear. However, over time, various rule changes and modifications made the game distinctive and different from its European counterparts. One major difference between American football and soccer, for instance, is the use of hands. While soccer primarily involves players using their feet to control and pass the ball, American football relies heavily on players catching, throwing, and running with the ball using their hands. This led to the humorous juxtaposition of the name ‘football’ for a sport that predominantly requires the use of hands. Ultimately, the name ‘football’ endured in the American context as a nostalgic nod to the sport’s roots and its connection to traditional football games, despite the significant evolution it underwent to become the distinctly American sport we know today.

As American football began to develop in the late 19th century, it drew inspiration from various European ball games, including rugby and association football (soccer). The early variations of American football were more similar to rugby, with players primarily using their hands to move the ball and advance towards the goal. However, the game gradually adopted various rules and strategies that emphasized skillful passing and throwing the ball, thus distinguishing it from rugby and aligning it more closely with aspects of association football.

American Football: Hands on History

While the evolution of American football saw an increased usage of hands, the sport retained the original name due to its historical connection to earlier forms of football played in Europe. It’s important to note that English football, from which American football derives, was initially used to describe a range of ball games played on foot, rather than solely referencing the use of feet to play the game. This inclusivity allowed for adaptations in different regions over time, and American football’s unique style emerged.

Football: An All-Encompassing Sport

Despite the name, American football wasn’t initially played with only the hands. In its early days, players used their feet more often, like in soccer. The game was a rough mix of soccer and rugby, and players would often kick the ball to move it forward or score. Over time, as rules evolved and different elements were added to the game, it gradually became more focused on using hands for catching and carrying the ball. However, the name ‘football’ stuck, leading to the humorous irony of a sport primarily played with hands being called ‘football.’

Today, the name ‘football’ in the context of American football can be seen as a nod to its rich history and the traditional concept of moving the ball forward towards a goal, regardless of the specific body part employed. While hands play a significant role in the game, the feet are still used for kicking extra points, field goals, and punts, demonstrating that all parts of the body are essential in this dynamic and strategic sport known as American football.

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