British Terminology for American Football

Two sports, two names in Britain

In Britain, American football is commonly referred to as ‘American football’ or simply as ‘football.’ The distinction is necessary to avoid any confusion with the sport known as football in Britain, which Americans typically refer to as soccer. Since the two sports differ significantly in terms of rules, gameplay, and popularity, British people have adopted the name ‘American football’ to differentiate the two.

British Use Gridiron for American Football

One interesting fact is that in Britain, American football is often referred to as ‘gridiron.’ The term ‘gridiron’ originally comes from the sport’s playing field, which resembles a grid-like pattern, marked with parallel lines. The name eventually became commonly used to distinguish American football from other forms of football, such as association football (soccer) or rugby.

The term ‘gridiron’ is also occasionally used to describe American football in Britain. This word refers to the playing field, marked with a grid pattern, upon which the game is played. The use of the term ‘gridiron’ in British English is often considered an Americanism, stemming from the unique nature of football played on a gridiron field.

NFL Gains Popularity as American Football

Another commonly used term for American football in Britain is ‘NFL’ (National Football League), which specifically refers to the professional American football league. The American NFL has gained increased popularity in Britain in recent years, with regular-season games being staged in London and significant media coverage given to the league. Hence, referring to the sport as ‘NFL’ has become a convenient way for British people to specify the specific version of American football they are talking about.

Clarifying British preference for American football

While it’s commonly known as ‘American football,’ in the United Kingdom, this sport is sometimes amusingly referred to as ‘hand egg’ due to the ball’s oval shape and its tendency to be carried and passed around primarily using players’ hands!

Ultimately, the prevailing practice in Britain is to use the term ‘American football’ to avoid any ambiguity. This ensures that both British and American audiences understand which sport is being discussed. While American football has a growing fan base in the UK, the preference for ‘American football’ distinguishes the sport from the more widely known and beloved game known as football, or soccer, in British culture.

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