How to Master the Art of American Football Kicking

Mastering the art of American football kicking

Kicking an American football requires precision, technique, and practice. Whether you’re attempting a field goal or a punt, the proper execution is crucial for success. To kick an American football, start by aligning the ball with your plant foot and taking a few steps back, angled slightly to the side. As you approach the ball, swing your kicking leg forward in a pendulum-like motion, making contact with the ball’s lower half. Follow through with your kick and aim for your target.

Precise Placement: Key to Successful Kicks

An interesting fact about how to kick an American football is that the technique used by kickers has evolved over time, influenced by soccer players. In the early days of American football, kickers would drop kick the ball similar to how it is done in rugby, but as soccer gained popularity in the United States, kickers started adopting the straight-on style used in soccer, where the toe strikes the ball. However, in recent decades, a new kicking style known as the ‘soccer-style’ has become dominant. This technique involves approaching the ball at an angle, swinging the leg in a sweeping motion, and making contact with the instep or side of the foot, allowing for greater accuracy and distance when kicking an American football.

For field goals and extra points, placement is key. Begin by lining up the ball with your plant foot a few yards behind the line of scrimmage. Take a few short steps back and position your body at a slight angle to the side. As you approach the ball, keep your eyes focused on the target, and swing your kicking leg forward with a smooth and controlled motion. Aim for the bottom half of the ball, trying to hit it with the laces down, and follow through with your leg, maintaining balance.

Master the punt with proper technique

Punting an American football involves a different technique. Stand with your kicking leg forward and your plant foot slightly behind the ball, positioning it at a slight angle. As you prepare to kick, take a few steps forward with your plant foot and approach the ball. Swing your kicking leg forward, striking the lower half of the ball with the inside part of your foot. This technique helps create a spiral in the air, allowing for better distance and accuracy. Focus on maintaining a smooth motion and follow-through.

Practice kickers succeed with technique refinement

Fun fact: Did you know that the correct way to kick an American football is often referred to as the ‘Kangaroo Kick’? This technique involves dropping the ball from waist height, then hitting it with the instep of the foot while using a hopping motion similar to that of a kangaroo! So, next time you see a great field goal, remember that the athlete might have channeled their inner kangaroo to make that amazing kick!

Practice is key to becoming a proficient kicker. Spend ample time working on your technique, starting with short kicks before progressively increasing the distance. Focus on accuracy and consistency, maintaining your form and following through with every kick. Additionally, practice your kicks under different weather conditions and in different playing environments to build resilience and adjustability. Finally, seek guidance from experienced coaches or watch tutorials to refine your technique further and benefit from their expertise.

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